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Windows 11 2023 Update: Copilot and Compatibility

In recent news, Microsoft has detected a compatibility hurdle affecting Windows 11 users, temporarily hindering access to Copilot and the Windows 11 version 23H2 upgrade. This snag, originating from a bug in OS Build 19045.3758 (KB5032278), specifically impacts users with multi-monitor setups.

Windows 11 Copilot Compatibility Hold: Taking a proactive stance, Microsoft has implemented a compatibility hold on devices experiencing this issue. Users, especially those with multi-monitor setups, may face problems like unexpected desktop icon movement or alignment issues when using Copilot in Windows (in preview).

Temporary Access Limitations: Under the current circumstances, some users may find themselves unable to access Copilot, and the compatibility hold also affects upgrades to Windows 11 version 23H2. This decision aims to prevent further complications until a comprehensive fix is deployed.

Root of the Issue: The identified bug traces back to Windows 11 OS Build 19045.3758 (KB5032278). The irregular movement of desktop icons on multi-monitor setups during Copilot usage prompted Microsoft to address the issue promptly.

Microsoft’s Assurance: Microsoft assures users that a solution is in progress and will be delivered through a future update. Until then, users are strongly advised against manually updating to Windows 11 version 23H2 using the Update Now button or the Media Creation Tool.

Insight into Copilot: Windows Copilot, Microsoft’s AI-powered assistant integrated into Windows 11, has been a key focus of recent updates. This incident follows a trend observed in November when similar issues were reported, citing desktop icon movements when engaging with Copilot.

In Conclusion: As Microsoft works through the intricacies of AI integration with Copilot, users are reminded to exercise caution during the Windows 11 2023 update. The company’s commitment to resolving compatibility issues ensures a smoother experience for users once the bug is addressed in the upcoming update. If you’ve faced similar issues or have insights to share, feel free to let us know in the comments at

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